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  1. About Troverie

    1. Why shop Troverie?
    2. Does Troverie offer Trade Ins?
    3. How does Troverie select a jeweler for me?
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  2. Ordering & Tracking

    1. How long will it take to receive my order?
    2. Can I change or cancel my order?
    3. How can I contact or reach my Troverie Ambassador regarding my order?
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  3. Payments & Taxes

    1. Who should I contact with questions about payments and taxes?
    2. What methods of payment can I use?
    3. How is sales tax calculated?
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  4. Shipping, Insurance & Delivery

    1. Is shipping free of charge?
    2. Where does my watch ship from?
    3. How do I get my watch to UPS for shipment to Crown & Caliber?
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  5. In-Store Pickup

    1. What is the in-store pickup service?
    2. What documentation should I bring to the store when picking up an item I purchased online?
  6. Return Policy

    1. Are all purchases eligible for return?
    2. What is the procedure for processing a return?
    3. Who do I contact regarding my refund?
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  7. Warranty & Repairs

    1. Does Troverie replace watch batteries?
    2. Does Troverie sell extra bracelet links or other watch parts?
    3. What is Troverie’s warranty policy?
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  8. Technical, Privacy & Security

    1. Who should I contact with questions about privacy and security?
    2. How do I know if ordering online is secure?
    3. How do you use cookies?
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  9. What is the Troverie Apple Watch Trade-In Program?

    1. How the Troverie Apple Watch Trade-In program work?
    2. How long does the Troverie Apple Watch Trade-In process take?
    3. If I buy a new watch online with an Apple Watch Trade-In, what kind of credit will I get?
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